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All of the personalisation on our pieces is hand stamped.

This means that instead of using a machine to engrave the jewellery, all of the characters are stamped by hand using steel punches which are positioned by eye, one character at a time. Due to this, the characters may have differences in how deep they are stamped and they may not be perfectly aligned and straight. This makes each and every piece unique.

Each personalised piece will have a maximum amount of available characters that can be stamped onto it, limited by the size of font we use and the size of the item it is being personalised. 


If you would like to create something completely unique or tweak an existing design in the collection please get in touch for more information as we would be more than happy to help.

All of our pieces are available in 925 sterling silver and solid 9ct yellow gold. Due to the uniqueness of some of our pieces they are not shown in solid 9ct gold on all of our collections pages however if there is any item that you have seen and you would like creating completely in solid 9ct gold please drop us a message via our contact page or send an email to

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